[Announce] node-red-contrib-ui-level

As first release and by not having full testing resources available, it may have slight issues here and there but with your help my dear community I'm sure we can find and resolve them quickly :wink:


Really cool widget! Just tried it out. Great work! :grinning:

Just one tiny thing: the dark text is really hard to read when using the dark dashboard theme.

What theme you are using? Angular or Node-RED?

I am using the standard dark theme of the dashboard, I believe it's all Angular Material.


This setting, without any other changes made:


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Weird :thinking: It should take theme text color.
Can you please add version of Node-Red and dashboard version also.

Of course, it's a fresh install of:

  • Node-RED version: v0.20.3
  • Dashboard version: 2.14.0

I can try to change the dashboard's text color setting, maybe there is something wrong with the default values.

The screenshot I took was from a Chromium browser, v73.0.3683.75

When using Firefox (66.0), the text in the middle is missing completely.

Hey @hotNipi,
Really nice piece if work!!
Perhaps add a picture of the widget in your readme file, so everybody can see right away how your widget looks like. It is too pretty to hide it...

Absolutely. Was about to do it, but found another bug. As always. Patch for that is published.

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Just updated. Very nice work! :grinning:

The result on Chromium 73:

and Firefox 66:

I will investigate FF missing text issue tomorrow. I think it's the inline font-styling issue but let's see.

Couldn't wait. Version 0.0.6 has fixes for Firefox.


Yes, I know what you mean... :grinning:

Perfect, thank you!

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That is pretty cool, thank you. I will be replacing some of my indicators with this--clean and compact.

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It’s really great for quick compact mobile dashboards. Great work. I use 15 of these on my main dashboard tab now. Hope the sorting/placement thing gets sorted soon whether the fault is current dashboard itself or widgets.

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The sorting/placement issue is fixed in version 0.0.10.

There is an issue if you change pages on the dashboard - level doesn't show current value, only unit is visible (Chrome and Firefox on Win 10). no_value value

Thank you! Fixed in 0.0.11

What was the magic ? (to the placement issue?)

Well, the issue was missing order property in ui.addWidget and the magic was just clear head to discover it.


I love this level component but was wondering if it would it be possible to add the following feature.
Have a look at this comparison between the level and the gauge:


Both have a similar color setup but the gauge only shows green because this is the active color range for the current value. The level however shows all color ranges.

Would it be possible for the level to have something similar? Ie, show een all green bar for its current value, an all orange bar when it drops (in this example) below 2.95 and an all red below 2.85?