Colour picker still no good


As many of you know, I think Node-Red is the best thing since powdered milk (to quote a very old phrase) - everyone who made this possible deserves a medal - and I would LOVE to make good use of dashboard, but the colour picker remains utterly disfunctional - can anyone fix?

Uhm... Is this still the case?
Or is it just me....

What is the specific problem with it?
Can you give some examples....

I guess it is just me.
I am trying to get that colour picker working on a small project.
The case is that I have a RGB LED on an ESP8266. It has a webpage on its filesystem with a color picker on it and some buttons. (this morning I had another question -connect to websocket on ESP8266- with it but I don't know how to link that to this!. Sorry.)
Any way, I can now send a string "@2" to that websocket to change the state. On or Off and that is working well.
(The #444800 value is the current color, received from the ESP8266)
I was hoping that I could send a string like "#123456" (for example) to change the color.
The colour picker from Node-RED is now connect to a debug node and that shows "#123456" (for example) so that looks good!


If I connect that colour picker to a websocket (the same way as with the button that only sends a @2 as a string) It don't work.

I must do something wrong so I was searching the forum, but then found this about a not working colour picker.

btw: An inject node
like this, works.