[ANNOUNCE] colour picker widget based on iro.js


Alternative color picker node utilizing the iro.js widget. The main credit goes to James for the iro.js widget.

I was searching for a colour picker which is usable in different ways and on mobile devices for a long time. iro.js popped up in the forum from time to time and to be honest I hoped that someone else (with more experience) could do the job. In the end I was procrastinating other jobs and thought it would be a nice small project to learn how to implement a custom ui-node.

The node-red widget is highly customizable inside the editor by choosing and combining several components either as a widget or a popup window. The example flow is available via import/Examples.

This is my first dashboard node so any input is highly appreciated.


Just pushed an update to npm to version 0.0.7 with bugfixes and some new features.

Have fun.

Here you have it ... Version 0.1.1 is available on npm:

Finally modal popups on mobile devices (tested on iOS) (should) work as expected


  • initial color can be changed until a valid color is received
  • Editor Help window completed
  • German localization of the config UI and help text


  • fixes modal issue on iOS
  • positioning and aligning of labels
  • flexible button size
  • fixed: scaling and positioning of widgets and popups
  • support of tunable white (value and temperature)
  • custom initial color
  • several bugfixes


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