Node-Red dashboard viewport issue

Hello everyone,

I am a newbie trying to use node red to create a webapp that works on both PC and smart phone. My current issue is that the dashboard UI doesn't fit 100% on my phone horizontally. I've tried to make changes to the widget sizes but somehow the recommended minimum size is 24 x 24, at which is still too big for my phone. But I noticed it will still work even if I set the dimensions below the recommended ones but I just couldn't make it fit 100%. The closest I can get is 23 for width but still only covers like 98% of the screen on my phone. I did also try with decimal but it just didn't work. May I know if there is anyway I can adjust the viewport on the node red ui itself? Not sure if I am even asking the right question since I only have very basic knowledge of HTML and CSS.

The dashboard works on a grid based system of units - so yes you may well not be able to get it pixel perfect. It is not meant for that - it is meant to allow people to create dashboards really easily without much knowledge. If you need total control you will need to create your own dashboard with something like the node-red ui-builder project - but yes you will need html and css skills.

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