Node-red deployed on kubernetes(as a pod) to intereact with azure iot edge


i deployed Node-Red on azure kubernetes services to be able to interface with iotedge modules but i had this issue :slight_smile:

does anyone encountered this issue before or was able to run node-red (module client) on azure kubernetes ?


You are going to need to supply a lot more details here. Exactly what node is generating the error (I can't find any iotedge nodes on

Where is it trying to connect to? is going to point to the pod that Node-RED is running on, so unless app it's trying to connect to is in the same container/pod then it's not going to connect.


thanks for your reply,

i am using this package node-red-contrib-azure-iot-edge-kpm (node) - Node-RED

the node-red i deployed is supposed to receive telemetry from another module so i am using module client, and for every module i deployed as a part of iot edge on kubernetes ,there is a side car pod (proxy) that exposes an api through localhost:35000 to help module interreact with the daemon witch another pod and could be deployed even to other kubernetes node.

i have the error as soon as i deploy my flow from the node-red ui.


containers running inside the pod node-red pod


logs proxy :

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