Node-RED Docker Crash

A couple times recently I've had NR crash with this message in the logs. I can't find any information on narrowing down the cause. Please assist?

Node-RED Docker container running on Unraid (custom server).

It is an "unhandled promise rejected". That most likely originated at an external node you are using and by the looks of it, you are using home assistant....I would start there.

Is there anything after that message?

No, the container is stopped and there are no more logs.

I figure as much as well, but I'd like to be able to provide more information. There's no indication of a line number or even which node this originates from.

Do you know why the connection closes? Is there a HA server log you could look at?

It was a manual restart of Home Assistant. But I manually restarted twice more later that day without issue.

I believe that is the node-red log. I meant a log for the other end of the connection which might indicate why it disconnected. As suggested earlier I think you will have to ask on an HA forum as it does appear to do with their setup.

Yes the reason was I restarted Home Assistant manually.

Additional NR log to show other times I did the same thing but it didn't cause a problem.

I do intend to bring this to the HA node developer I'm just asking how I can get more information. If all I give them is this log message it doesn't give any indication of where in their nodes they should start looking for the cause. Especially since it's an intermittent issue.

That is why I suggested looking in the HA logs to see if there is any information there as to what is going on.

I suppose you could try increasing the log level in settings.js, but I suspect it won't help. On a normal (non-HA, non-docker) node-red install the unhandled promise error would be followed by a stack trace. Whether the fact that it is missing is due to it being run in Docker or whether it is HA specific I don't know.

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