Node-Red embedding Grafana - Get click actions

Hello Guys,

I embedded some grafana panels into dashboard, based on iframes.
Now, I'm looking for a way to get the zoom selection out from the panel (and I'm not so skilled in JS stuffs unfortunately) to manage some data calculation....

Does have have an example of you to manage it? By adding some listeners or something else?

To anybody that face hte same need, I give here the way I've implemented to answer the problem.

My concern was about getting a time segment from my chart in order to process some calculations.
Thus, I used the native annotation feature which allows you defining points and regions with description and tags.
Then, by using GRAFANA APIs, I was able to read out the annotation info and process my required job.

For more information about APIs, see API Tutorial: Create API tokens and dashboards for an organization | Grafana Labs .
For more information about annotations, see Annotations HTTP API | Grafana Labs .

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