Node-red flow for a virtual_only hue lightbulb

I'm looking for a flow or node that emulates a colour capable hue lightbulb so that I can receive commands via alexa.

ultimately I will use these inputs to bridge into z2mqtt and control real-world colour capable zigbee light bulbs.

if there is a better way to do this please say - I've tried using the eero and alexa zigbee hubs but these don't give access to smart-device events to be able to script on-offs, dimmers and colour change events programmatically. Likewise (slightly different problem) the zbmini switches that I have do not expose an on-off cluster that can be bound in zigbee2mqtt, let alone a long press or toggle event (all of which I find surreal).

I've been involved in domotics for more than a decade but this is my first foray into zigbee!

thanks in advance

I use node-red-contrib-amazon-echo (node) - Node-RED to receive alexa voice commands . The node emulate Hue light bulbs. It is 4 years old but still works for me, and is all local.

Others recommend node-red-contrib-alexa-home-skill (node) - Node-RED.

but there are many more Library - Node-RED

Thank you. Seems perfect for the job. Had a lot of trouble getting node red to open port 80. iptables and ufw weren't doing the trick. In the end I had to give node the capability to open ports. Probably ok in this instance given the protections between the world and the pi but still not ideal!

I really appreciate the input.

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