Node-Red Flow Pasting Issues

I'm having some terrible issues with FLOW pasting in Node-Red. I'm over in Spain right now for the summer where my Node-Red setup is months old. I could not safely remotely update Node-Red, NPM etc here to the latest versions from the UK without chancing the entire Spanish installation. The UK uses a later Node-Red and NPM (10 instead of 8) and updated nodes (both the UK and Spanish versions work just fine normally)..

So I brought over a PI 3 (same as I have here) with my UK setup, renumbering the fixed IP address to a test address here. If I start up the Pi, all is well (but of course set up for UK devices and so not controlling real things yet. But if I delete all my flows and reboot, then start copying my Spanish flows across from the Spanish working setup, I get horrendous flow replication and eventually have to revert to a backup.

For example - the first flow is called INIT and simply does some initilisation of variables. In the newly emptied NR board, I import the nodes from the old Spanish INIT flow....via the clipboard, then rename the new FLOW1 to INIT. That seems to work. I then make a new FLOW1, import the second flow contents. Not only does that paste initially seem to work bar one missing node, but the next thing I know there are dozens of flows called INIT and the whole thing starts to fall apart with nodes sitting on top of other nodes.... has anyone else come across a similar situation? Thank heavens doe rpi-clone.. I revert to a backup made before I started to make changes and all is well, but upgrading the setup here is not looking promising right now.

Not seen anything like that Pete.

Can you not simply use the full flow file from your Spanish Pi? Rather than pasting a piece at a time?

You’re right Julian – I guess originally I figured it might be better to do it in stages - I just tried that now and up to now apart from a couple of missing bits it seems fine – thank you for that.