Node-RED google home integration


I wasn't expecting a pass-through from input to output, but I did expect that the node would output its change of status, in pretty much the same way as it does after receiving a voice command, so that the flow can instruct the MQTT relay board accordingly.

Yes exactly. By injecting msg.payload.on = true, I am causing a change in Google Home, but I don't see a corresponding output from the NORA node.

The user case is controlling lighting via timers (inject nodes feeding into NORA) and being able to override via voice.



this exactly what I am looking for!
Sadly I can not write you a PM. Can I somehow give you mail mail adress for the Testuser list.
I am already verified and have my nodered up and running.

Just as a question: what is needed to selfhost the backend part? (I have a VPS, which is not used at the moment) A docker image for the backend part would be really cool!

Thanks in advance!


If it did, you would be at risk of circular logic loop with out putting in place an RBE node.i.e. you manually update your device, MQTT sends a notice to NORA, NORA sends an update to MQTT which tells your device to change, MQTT then sends an update to NORA..... I started building the loop blocker until I realized it didn't do it so was safe.

I would suggest just sending your on command in parallel to your update to NORA. Think of NORA more as a control dashboard that you are updating status to / receiving commands from. Here's a quick mockup of what I'm suggesting:

Or if you want it more robust (I believe you were using MQTT) and since you can only have one NORA node per Google Home device, I would do like I'm doing and just setup stand alone status / control flows and do your on timer independent of NORA. Like this (obvious with change nodes if needed if you are doing full object based control vs. just #'s):


Then when your timer tells your light to turn on, it will notify NORA/Google Home that it's on. Then if you send an overriding voice command then it will change the light to that output.

Let me know if that makes sense.


I solved this problem with a little loop for every device.
So I can feed the command into the fuction und get the command back. In the mean time Google is kept in sync. This also works with voice comands.


Can you share what you have in the function node please.



It is just the normal function node.
return msg;
Just to pass a message through.

This way it imitates the expected behavior of Input->Output.


I could an an extra config checkbox for all the nodes (Pass-through the input messages), like the dashboard nodes, if you guys find it useful.


I sent you a PM.

If you want to selfhost, you can check this npm package


I think would be helpful, for both the Switch and Light node.


Yes, it is. Sent you a PM.

Just published 0.0.18


Any chance you could PM me as well so I could have my email added? Ever since Google Home killed my emulated hue setup I've been looking for a new solution without having to forward ports and this finally seems like what I've been looking for!


That works fine now, and has somewhat simplified the flow.



Do you think it would be possible to add a thermostat node?
There are these cheap Bluetooth thermostats, which already got decoded by someone.

This would be a cool way to integrate them into the Google system.

The WiFi thermostats are still kind of expensive.


Hi there ! I'm a French new user on this forum, so my apologies for my relative bad english..

Thank you for assuming this interesting project ! I was looking for a solution like this from a while..

So I tried it but I've got a problem setting up the NORA service...:confused: It doesn't appear in my "add service" list.
Can anyone help me please ?

Thank you !

Emmanuel W.


It's on the list...

Send me a PM with the gmail address you use with your Google Home. For the moment I need to manually add users as "testers" in order for them to see the action.


Thank you for your reply !
I'm looking for the way to send you a PM but I don't find it.. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Sent you a PM


Any thoughts about integrating data stored/generated locally from node-RED into a response?

"What is the patio temperature?"
"The patio temperature is {{13}} degrees"

I realise that this can be achieved using a 'test app' approach (node-red-contrib-google-action), and maybe it's outside of the scope of NORA, but thought I'd ask anyway!!



I don't plan on adding support for custom actions any time soon.
Currently only what smart home supports. There are some open issues regarding reading sensor values so maybe this will turn to something useful:


Hello and thank you again Andrei_Tatar.

I have on my RaspberryPi as the operating system [] and the Node-RED addon installed, the whole looks like this:

If you now open Node-RED, here is a "node" of "Home Assistant" available:

Here I have the "nora" "node" installed:

Now I say to the Google Assistant: "Schalte die Batterie ein". The nora link to the Google Account now starts the existing flow. In the flow, the corresponding switch is then assigned with "Call a service" in Home Assistant.

Oh yes, the whole thing works as a "status query" with audio output on Google Home ...

But still this "node" is necessary, if not yet available: []