Google Home in Nodered

Good morning,
do you have any suggestion for using Google Home through Node-Red?

I tried Nora and SmartNora, but I can't connect
Thank you very much!


I ended up getting nora to work.

what do you mean it doesnt connect? can you show your debug?

Hi leftymuller,

thanks for the reply!
I downloaded the nora plugin for nodered.
I logged in NORA - Login and I retrieved the token.
I added the token in the "Edit nora config Node" and I tried to use the light node, but I have "not connected".
In my Google Home App I tried to add Nora Device but without succes.

I also tried with SmartNora.
I tried to log to SmartNora and downloaded smartNora plugin in nodered but in node I have "(off 100).

What am I doing wrong?
Thank you very much,