Nora Google Assistant

Hello, anybody having problems with Nora nodes for Google Assistant integration.
I tried this months ago and it worked perfectly. I have my own home automation build, controllable with node-red and successfully was able to control my home automation with Nora nodes and NodeRed.

However suddenly it did not work anymore and I cannot make it work.. I don't understand anymore and nobody is responding...

I have deleted all the nodes, reconfigured Nora, created new tokens...etc... nothing works.
My Nora NodeRed nodes are successfully seen when visiting the Nora Home Page (

and when I switch my lights off, I can see the correct status on the Nora Home Page.
So communication from my nodered nodes towards Nora seams to be working fine.

I can succesfully connect the Node Service to my Google Home and I can see all the different nodes.... everything ok so far.
But all the Nora lights etc... remain offline in Google Home, no matter what I try.

any ideas.....

Very annoying because it worked perfectly before and pretty easy... Actually very good implementation.. I was happy with it and now I am so frustrated.


did you check the log? i had an api disconect, reason was a second api call to the server

There does seem a growing number of issues with node-red-contrib-nora (check the outstanding git issues).

Have you looked at node-red-contrib-googlehome ?
The author is very well respected in the node-RED community, and his implementation works very reliably with google (no outstanding git issues!).

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