Node-red-contrib-nora - "NORA is not available" on one of the devices and sometimes on the other

Hi there. I open a problem topic on node-red-contrib-nora.

The problem: I have two Google Home Minis in two rooms. On one the Nora is working, but from time to time GHM is reporting that "Nora is not available". If command is repeated, it is usually executed. The other GHM continuously reports "Nora is not available" - I couldn't make it work. From iOS Google Home App all Nora devices are visible and controllable.

I have relinked Nora to Node-Red and revoked Token - no change. Also tried to find new devices in Nora binding in Google Home app - app reported, that Nora service successfully linked - and again - I can control Nora devices from the app without a problem.

Can you suggest what can be wrong?

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