Node Red Http In timeout or fails after 2 mins

The http in node, the request fails after 2 mins when hitting the endpoint through postman,
but the flow is executing even after 2 mins,
Node Red Version: 1.2.9

Error response

What time out do you have set on postman?

Are you seeing any errors in node-red?

Add a debug node after the delay. Set the debug node to show complete message, check the content of the message.

New version of node red the response time greater than two mins also is working, and my request timeout is set to zero, but i need that in version 1.2.9

Node-RED v1 is not being developed. v2 is the current version.

I am not certain it is failing to respond.

Try adding a payload and a header.

  • use a change node to set payload to "hello"
  • enter a header in the http response image

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