Node-red influxdb json insert


Influxdb has no "update" - to update a row, just insert again with the identical timestamp.


then I will use grafana to show individual data to the user.
I use the distinct method to display the last saved.


You have not made it clear whether you still have a question, or if all is now ok.


unfortunately my problem is not solved.
I'll show the user the data in the picture.
but there are several of the same devices in the "nodename" field.
According to the "nodename" field I want to make the last record distinct

"cihaz1" available more than one. I want to show this to the user as a single record.
now on grafana I'm working on select distinct


you can just show the last record - also you should take a rbe node into consideration to get rid of the current redundancies.


Have you got the nodename stored as a tag and endeks, nodeabone as fields?


I kept it all as a string.
I'm going to the mongodb database.
thread lockable


Please make it clear what you are responding to. Is that in response to my question as to how you have stored the values in influx? If so I don't understand what you are saying.