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Hi to everyone,

I'm in need of some assistance for optimise the internet data consumption. I have a node red flow working on a device with a SIM card, sending sensor values through HTTP API using GPRS or 4G, once per minute.
The problem is that the consumption is too high (aprox 250MB/day).
Using sniffers and monitoring tools, I realize that there is a continous data consumption from the node red to outside, by HTTP, every second.
Is that for the Node Red API? Maybe the manage palette? There is a way to avoid any kind of automatic data consumption?

I'm totally lost about how to improve the flow and it is a must if we want to use node red in this device.


What was in this data?

Cant really help if you dont show us what you have.

I cannot think of any reason your node-red would be "sending" data every second unless your flow instructs it to. Unless, the "thing" at the other end is "polling" to an endpoint OR you have a browser open and connected to the node-red & a dashboard or debug nodes firing debug data every second across the internet to your broweser.

Thanks Steve for the fastest reply. While I was getting the needed info to edit the post, asking to my systems colleague to send me a screenshot, he found the issue. We are working whit IFM iolink nodes, but the sensor is not connected right know so as the node isn't able to find the sensor in the lan, it's sending a polling request through the gateway. I didn't expect that.

Thanks so much and sorry for the bother.

Oh dear, yes, when using 4G it is necessary to avoid ALL unnecessary trafic. I'm in a similar situation having to control this. Be sure it is not only NR that needs to be checked for this, maybe the OS has some background stuff that could cause extensive traffic. Block all ports not needed for outbound traffic

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