Node Red Join when 3 MSG object come in


I having a tuff time understanding the join node on a couple of flows I have.

One of my flows splits off to do 3 separate API calls. These 3 calls are inserting into 3 totally different system and each return an insert object id.

Split 1: msg.systemAInsertID =544466;

Split 2: msg.systemBInsertID =2333445;

Split 1: msg.systemCInsertID =112555;

I have a join that waits for 3 message parts and I think this is my issue.

I want to wait until all 3 messages are returned or 30 seconds time-out, combine all 3 message objects then continue that flow with just the single merged msg object.

I get all 3 messages back but my flows after the join runs 3 times. It runs the merged object 3 times. In other-words the object does have ALL 3 items but it runs 3 times.

Thanks In Advance

Uncheck and every subsequent message. Then it should return one merged message every 3 incoming messages only.

Thanks for quick feedback, I just tested that again and same issue, message is combined but the rest of the flow after the join still run 3 times.

Then post your flow and the incoming 3 messages in 3 separate inject nodes . So we can see what is happening.

I'm trying to set up a smaller workflow and simulate the issue.

The flow with this issue is huge and contains some propriety nodes that are security related and I can not share.


How many properties does each of the 3 incoming messages have each. As the merge option will count each property towards the join count.

Security credentials will not be exported.

This was the issue, number of msg properties.

On exiting the 3 flows before the merged I added a change node and delete all unnecessary properties.

Set the join to 12 and that worked.

Thanks Harry

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