with the node-red email do I need to set any thing else up so that it is able to send to my local SMTP server that is on the same network I know how to configure the smtp server (windows).
but I dont know how the Pi see the smtp server on my existing network (yes I know what it's IP address is)

the node-red email is sending the message but it does not get to my local server

again I hope this makes sense

How have you configured the email node?
Does it give an error when you attempt to send an email?

no it appears to be sending (it set up in the same way I would do a windows one)

yes I am using the ip address so there is no need to name resolve

I think that means it is getting to the server.
Look in the mail server log and see what it says.

that's the problem it does not appear to get there (it could be the sending address issue but I cant see where you specify who the email has come from)

Is that from the server log or do you actually mean it does not get to the recipient?

I can't see it coming into the server

Is that from the server log?
If you send a message via that server from another client do you see it in the server log?

I think I need to set the from address I cant see where you set this up or see what it is?

By default it is the username you use to login to your server. Or you can set msg.from

sorry I only sort of understand this! Im already sending my devices msg.payload to the email node how would I also add the msg.from?

Yes it was the from address causing the issue I think I have now worked it out

Mank thanks

Are you saying that if you don't set msg.from then the email node says it has sent ok but it never gets to the server? That sounds odd. I can imagine it getting rejected by the server but I would have expected that to be noted at the server and at the node (I think).

Yes that is correct I know I tied the server down along time ago so I am guessing it is somewhere I just can't remember where

what I don't get is where do you find that you can even set the msg.from setting?
and how it all links together is a bit confusing

If you click on the node then click the i tab in te right hand pane it will show you the info for the node. In there is tells you which properties it uses. For how node-red all fits together look at the node-red docs where you will find a lot of useful stuff. For the specific issue you raise there is a section Working With Messages in the User guide, but it would be worth looking through the whole guide.

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