Node-red-node-pushover user key not encripted in the interface

I have noticed that User key and API Token are stored in credentials storage, and it is very good, to keep private data safe.
However, from the user interface perspective, User key is not protected, so it can be seen editing the node.
Changing that behaviour, in case it is good, is really as simple as modifying its input type in the html file, from "text" to "password".
Is it a reasonable change?

I think a good place for this would be to open an issue on the github page of the node:

As you cant be sure that the developer/maintainer of the node will see it here.
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Thanks! I'll do that

That is the repo for node-red-contrib-pushover. The OP is talking about node-red-node-pushover, which is

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sorry yes you are totally right :see_no_evil: misread it

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The issue template in node-red-nodes points to this forum in case it is a suggestion of change, so I hope they will read this.

published version 0.0.20 with this change for you.


Thanks, @dceejay! It is a nice change for me

I've just refreshed the node library, and v0.0.20 is now available for update :+1:


One day I’ll remember !

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