[node-red-node-twitter] For Tweet-In node, 'The Tweets of Specific Users' mode: msg.payload based input of 'for' field

Request for Tweet-In node to have an input point for 'Tweets of Specific Users' option as well, where twitter handles can be provided to the Tweet-In node to track for new tweets. This will allow programmatic set up of the handles to monitor. It could have a refresh logic - which I think is best implemented as an Inject node injecting msg.payload every n seconds. If the payload changes, the node would get new connection with Twitter API & then cut previous connection. Similar feature currently exists for the public tweets search mode where msg.payload may be used to set the search keyword.

More context: [node-red-node-twitter] Feature mentioned in Twitter-In Node Tip box not available · Issue #798 · node-red/node-red-nodes · GitHub

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