Hello, i want to modify a this node so i can get called with an input node instead doing click on the dashboard, i want to call it from the javascript but i cant, what i am trying is:

 node.on('input', function(msg, send, done) {
            // console.log(MicrophoneNode.$scope());
            // console.log(MicrophoneNode.$scope.toggleMicrophone());
            if (done) {

but obviously i cant get the $scope (i know this is to be able to be accessible from angularjs later in the dashboard)
with this:

        if ( && === "press"){
            html += String.raw`<md-button aria-label="capture audio" id="microphone_control_{{$id}}" class="nr-ui-microphone-button" style="height:100% !important;" ng-disabled="!enabled" ng-mousedown="toggleMicrophone(true)" ng-mouseup="toggleMicrophone()"><i class="fa fa-microphone"></i></md-button>`;

please help me!!! i hope my question is clear enough.
thanks in advice

i´ve solved :slight_smile:
ive found this solution: Msg in initController dashboard - #2 by hotNipi

simply call it and listen to "msg" with the $scope.$watch

$scope.$watch('msg', function (msg) {
                            if (!msg) {								

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