Node Red Nordpool API, need help filtering the message

I'm using a flow copied from here:

It's workin ok, but the problem is that the price changes at the wrong time :

Price change at xx:30, and the price is wrong.

I know the issue is on this function node, its is rounding to nearest hour, as it is saying.

const data = msg.payload;
const now = new Date();
const nearestHour = roundDate(now);
const findTimestamp = nearestHour.valueOf();

msg.payload = data.find(e => {
    return (new Date(e.Timestamp)).valueOf() == findTimestamp;

return msg;

function roundDate(date) {
    date.setHours(date.getHours() -1 + Math.round(date.getMinutes() /60));
    date.setMinutes(0, 0, 0);
    return date;

But I dont have any idea how to fix it, I'm a total noob with javascript.
Price should change at xx:00:00 and hold the price to xx:59:59

Any help with function node is highly appriciated :slight_smile:

This kind of data is meaningful to present with bar chart. Bar per hour. Elegant and easy to read.

Great. I'll keep that in mind.