Node Red on PI 64 bit update

I have for several months been running node red on the 64 bit OS and to save the suspense it just isn't worth the grief. Node Red seems to run OK, you can do everything you can in 32 bit but the under lying support seems lacking. The packages needed to be fully operational don't seem to play nice together. For instance, like most I run a MQTT broker,(mosquitto) and all the devices seem to connect and work, however, there are lots of spurious disconnects and devices just don't seem to like to stay connected for a long time. I chalk this up to the broker just not being happy for some reason. The other oddity is my network seems to flood fairly badly. The internet slows down and generally all devices have trouble with speed. This could also be why mosquitto disconnects regularly. Don't know if this is particularly the MQTT broker or not but switching back to 32 bit seems to clear it up. As much as I'm a serious believer in 64 bit OS I don't think the pi 64 OS is ready for prime time yet. And of course, "they" don't claim it's ready either. If others have a better experience I'd like to hear it.

I've had it running for months now, with no problems at all!

I've had NR running on 64-bit OS since it was beta with no problems.

Question... MQTT? no problems? What Broker?

No problems at all with MQTT using Mosquitto. Are you seeing errors in


That is an answer we will never know. Repurposed pi and sd card was over written.

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