Node-RED package Subflow module edit or view

How to edit or view the subflow, packaged as module and imported into flows.
Currently unable to edit the subflow which is imported as package module

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if a subflow is packaged then it is now a module and the innards cannot be edited.

can it be viewed atleast, if not edit

No it cannot be edited or viewed.

The purpose of publishing it as a module is to hide all of the internal details from the end user - it appears just like any other node they have installed.

okay Thank you..

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i am surprised to see your problem, i catched the same problem last month. The way is to package the subflow as a module , but i cannot finish it successfully.

I was able to package it successfully, but problem is not able to view or edit it, not as a user, as an owner of that module I should be able to view or edit rit.

No, the subflow, once packaged is essentially closed ...

for end user it is fine, but the owner who has packaged it cannot view or edit it

That is by design.

yes by design not manually with JSON file

But the owner who created it will have the original flow JSON and be able to edit that and then repackage it as needed.

Otherwise you are suggesting that somehow the editor should know you are the person who published a particular module to npm, and then give you special abilities that no other user gets. That isn't very practical to do.

okay thanks for the clarification..

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