Node-Red + Plug WiFi


I'm using also tasmota firmware for S20 and would say is also better than ESPeasy for a simple smartplug, however I don't know if GPIO will match on his smart plug... in case yes, then great, if not ESP easy is fully configurable and sure will have some chance to make it run, he needs to open it and play a bit himself as there is no documentation at all about the model he wanted to use.

At any case sonoff S20 is the best choice in my opinion and for the low price it has,,,,,I don't know if deserve to spend many time on another one.



A big thans to you.
It's a part i begin to discover and i will experiment.

Not this week but next week and I wil tell you.
I will try to flash the plug with ESPEasy adn I will see. It's possible that I ask again questions about that :wink:



No problem, any question feel free to ask, welcome to the point where u start, because there is no end.... ahahhaha Enjoy friend.



Thanks Davicgu ! :wink: