Node-Red Rest API request using AppKey and SecretKey

Dear all,

Is it possible Node-Red to make a http/https REST API request using AppKey and SecretKey.
(just Like Rest API SDK does)

I'm not sure about above explanation is accurate. But I wanna get REST API GET,POST requests using AppKey and SecretKeys (which I Have) without using regular authentication modes (which is basic and digest)

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Are you referring to headers ?

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Thanks for the reply. I think it's a bit different than what I requested.
I want to get the response only using following things. It works in C++ SDK.

  • IP Address:
  • Port
  • Listening port
  • AppKey
  • SecretKey
  • EventCode: (which is the event that I have to subscribe)

Not using a URL here. Appkey and secretkey is used for the authentication.

(I'm trying to get https api responses from a camera)

Then I am not sure what you mean, do you want to request data from an API using http request ?

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Yes. Using regular way, i can get responses from http requests. As I shown in the image, right now I want to get that response using only AppKey and SecretKey which is provided by the server. Is there any node in node red to do this task except http request node and multipart decoder node.

Hi @Jude.Robise

what Rest API SDK are you refering to? AppKey and SecretKey are not standard HTTP terms, so without more information about what API you are trying to access it is very hard to help.

The screenshot you've shared isn't very helpful as we have no idea what that application is, or what it does with all of those non-HTTP fields.

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