Node red retriggers at state change

Hello all,

My name is Colin and i am new at this forum.

I am using Node Red on a raspberry pi 2b for restarting domoticz or rebooting the pi with hardwired push buttons.
Only i have a problem, when de state of the pin goes to high it triggers the command but when the state goes to low it retriggers the command.
How can i stop the retrigger. I only want the command be triggerd one time not two times.
Thank for your help!

Here is my flow:

Use a Switch node (not the dashboard switch, the other one). Test msg.payload in teh switch node and if it is the appropriate value then send the message to output 1. You don't need any other tests in the node, it will ignore anything that does not meet the test. When you specify the test make sure you specify that should be Number 1 (or 0) not String "1"

Thanks the switch works!