Node-RED + RPi + WiFi battery powered sensors

Got excited with Node-RED on RaspberryPi and made WiFi temperature sensor with Cricket. Made this live dashboard without coding & programming. For anyone interested I documented my steps here:


Nice work! it's a great little project to get started with, and your blog post should interest others who are starting out with IoT.

I'm sure you will have realised the big drawback with using battery powered wifi devices - battery drain!
With the Cricket updating every 30 seconds (as per your blog), that's 2,880 updates per day, and with a battery life expectancy of 15,000 events, means that the batteries will last just 5.2 days.

Have you tried setting up a node-RED webhook, and sending data using the Cricket's http setting? - that could be blog#2 :wink:

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@Paul-Reed thank you for your reply and spotting this problem! This is great that you went to that level of detail, really appreciate it!

I corrected the blog and added a NOTE to adjust the timer to 1 hour or so once the project is completed. Hopefully this is sufficient information?

wrt HTTP, no I have not tried the HTTP but you made me to do it now. I will try and if it works I will post a next blog on this :wink:

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