Node-RED Self Restart

Welcome to the forum @MattL0.

Do you mean a button on the node-red dashboard? If so you can easily add a button and feed it to your exec node.

I am not sure what you mean by that. What log?

Thank you. Sorry i meant logo **

No I meant directly on the admin ui

You need to read through the latest generation of the settings.js file, you will find something in there that lets you set a URL.

In fact, as I've just broken off for the Christmas Break, I may share my latest settings.js file because I've done an improved layout with better comments. So keep an eye out for another thread in the forum.


If you need to supply a password, you can use the sudo -S option:
echo user | sudo -S sudo reboot now

Alternatively, you can configure an askpass helper by setting the SUDO_ASKPASS environment variable or modify /etc/sudo.conf.