Node-Red Set the desired temperature value

Set temperature value in node red dashboard
I want to set it to the desired temperature
I want to know how to set it to get the desired temperature value

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You said dashboard so I am guessing you are using the standard dashboard?
How much experience do you have using it?

I want to set it to the desired temperature

What is it?

Anyway, you may find a slider handy.
It gives you a slider (GUI side of things) and you set the max/min (or min/max) values and you slide a slider along to set a desired value.

But more than that I can't really help you as you haven't really explained what you really mean.
And HOW you are going to do this. Though: that - I fear - is a whole other can of worms.
For now maybe concentrate on getting the GUI side of things.

I don't have much experience using it.

I want to set a warning alarm when the temperature rises above, and if I set the temperature I want, I want it to be that temperature

Node-red is fun to play with.
But you will need to expand on what temperature you are referring.
Room temperature? If so: how are you getting the value? (Not that it is that important. But it would be nice to know)

I want it to be that temperature

Again: Nice but you aren't telling anyone what this it is?

And there is the next question which is there bashing against the door:
How are you going to control the temperature?

But I don't think we are at that stage yet.

Could you please expand on what it is you are wanting to do?
Measure the temperature of what?

Test the temperature of the motor using a sensor. If the temperature of the motor reaches 50° or higher, I want to make a sound

I fear you are about to run out of allowed posts for now.

Ok, suggestion:
For now forget about what you are wanting to do.
It will only be for a short time - so please don't panic!

Have you put the slider node into/onto your dashboard?
If not: Please do it.
Set it to range from 40 to 60.
In the edit screen, connect the output of the slider to a debug node.
While you are at it, also connect up a text node and put it in/on the same page as the slider, and connect it to the slider node also.
DEPLOY and go to the dashboard screen.
Move the slider and watch the value in the text node change.
If it doesn't (as you are sliding the slider) release it (move it to a new position and release the mouse) and see if it changes.

This establishes you can set a value you want to detect.

You are going to have to learn about context.
There are THREE types:
1 - node
2 - flow
3 - global

You are going to have to learn what NODE CONTEXT is and how to use it.

Also study the slider node and there is an option to either send the value continuously or only on release.
This arcs back to above and moving the slider and watching the value/s change.

Put ANOTHER slider and this can SIMULATE the measured temperature reading from the engine.
(Basically duplicate what you just did above)

One slider - say the first one -label it as WARNING, and the second one label it as TEMPERATURE.
That way you know which is which.

Adjust the WARNING one to 50 and the TEMPERATURE one is - as I said - simulating what you get from the engine.

After studying and learning about NODE CONTEXT, you will need to learn how to write code in a function node.

But I fear I am getting way too far ahead for what you know.

Are you able to read the temperature ok in node-red?

Yes, I can read the temperature from Nordred

In that case @TotallyInformation's suggestion seems a good possibility.

Sorry, I meant @Trying_to_learn's suggestion of course.

No worries.

I thought I had missed something.

All good.

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