Node red stopped working

Hello, Node Red is shutting down while running. Resource consumption is normal. I couldn't detect any errors. I couldn't find the log records. I am using v3.1.3

Hi, welcome to the forum.

Can you tell us the following:

  • what procedure did you use to install node red?
  • where is node red installed (docker? on a raspberry pi? windows computer? mac?)
  • what version of NodeJs is installed?

@Steve-Mcl This has all the hallmarks of a flimflam valve problem :wink:

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Sorry for the late response.

  • I installed node redi via npm.
  • installed on windows server 2012 R2
  • Node.js version v16.15.1

I hope we can find a solution. When node-red closes, no log file is created and the cmd window closes.

Windows console applications do not log to file (or anywhere) unlike Linux. So you need to do this yourself. How you do this depends on how you start Node-RED.

So, what starts node-red? A service? A start-up script? A scheduled task? Manually via a terminal? Manually via a shortcut?

And which account runs node-red? The same account as logged in or as a separate account (like a service account or reduced privileges account)?

I start it manually on the terminal, through CMD.

In which case:

The terminal should remain open and you will see why it crashes.

If you want it logged to file, you need to redirect output to file.

See this: Node-red Error Log File Location - #4 by Steve-Mcl

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