Node-red subflow environment variables

Hello i defined a node-red subflow environment variable like this


Why I cant use math expresions like 2*1000


is there a workaround?

Since the variable is in mseg i'd prefer for clarity use 15 * 60 * 1000 for a 15 minute delay
Thanks in advance

Because the input only supports numbers. It does not support arbitrary maths expressions.

In other places you could change the type to JSONata to use expressions like that, but as that is normally evaluated in the context of a message being handled by a node, it doesn't fit the environment variable module where they are evaluated at the point in time the flows are started.

Hello Nick, Thanks for your answer.
I'm using Node-red since 2016. It is wonderful !!!
I read you are Node-red creator. Congrats !!!! Thank you for doing such an awesome software.
Best Regards
Sincerely yours

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