Recently I started the journey to move a project from Python to Node-RED and had the demand for a node to get some system related information. Looking around a bit, I found, a System Information Library for Node.JS, apparently #1 NPM ranking for backend package. To my surprise, there was no node covering this excellent library.

Welcome node-red-systeminformation, a node to interface the systeminformation library for Node-RED.

From its README:

This node lets you call one of the functions provided by systeminformation. The result of each call will be returned as msg.payload.

There are two ways to select the function to be called:

Static configuration via the node property editor

You may configure the to-be-called function via the nodes property editor.

Functions are arranged in groups, following the systeminformation documentation.

In case a function expects additional parameters, those may be defined as required.

Additionally, the node may be configured to observe the selected function by polling at a given rate. If polling is enabled, you may decide to let the node emit a msg only if the function call returned changed values.

Dynamic mode

You may trigger the call of a systeminformation function as well by sending to the node a msg that is configured accordingly:

topic: name of the systeminformation function to be called.

payload: optional <object> with parameters to be passed to the function. The keys of the objects properties have to match the names of the parameters as defined by the systeminformation documentation, e.g:

    topic: 'versions',
    payload: {
        apps: 'npm, php, postgresql'

The dynamic mode may be used in addition & parallel to a static configuration, as shown in the provided example.


That's great, I can use that. Thanks.

Did you realise it outputs to the node-red log each time it is run? Some forgotten debug output perhaps. For example when I ask for Version I see

false []

Is that the version of the underlying module?

No, I didn't. Thanks for reporting => v1.0.1

I have been trying it on some of my older systems, and note that it requires node red >= v3. Perhaps it would be worth mentioning that in the readme.

There's no technical reason (I'm aware of) it's requiring NR >= v3. We yet had a discussion here recently to not-encourage people to use "outdated" versions.
Anyway - as long as we don't stumble over any bug, I'll open it for lower versions as well... => v1.0.2 >> NR >= 2.1.0