Node-RED to OctoPrint Integration


I have a plan on building a 3D Printing Farm, using an ERP software, OctoPrint and Node-RED.

My main focus right now is to integrate Node-RED with OctoPrint, more specifically using Node-RED to trigger/click the 'Start Print' button on OctoPrint.

I was thinking of using the 'http request' node together with a GET request to retrieve the OctoPrint website and then either PUT or POST requests to start the printing.

I have no idea whether that would work. Opinions and alternative solutions would be appreciated.

Although I have never used it, octoprint has a REST API:

So there is likely no need to "trigger/click the 'Start Print'"

Possibly helpful:


It is absolutly doable. 1st you have the ability to use MQTT Plugin in octoprint to receive messages as there is an update for example. I found this much easier then doing HTTP requests in intervalls.

Then you can do HTTP requests to do gcode commands. That is much easier than doing MQTT publish because this is a bit "complicated"... was in contact with the developer of the plugin. You have to create so much topics for receive states that I stopped using this over MQTT.

Here an example what I have built so far (right now, no in use because I switched to Klipper with Fluidd).

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