Node-red-ui-table submit button and send data

I'm building a table using the node-red-ui-table. I looked at older posts in this forum, at the documentations and at the examples, but still there's something I cannot find/understand how to implement -
I have my table with row selection tick box. I want to have a submit button which will send the data from the selected row to my flow.
When I choose "send data on click" in the table node, I get data from every row clicked, regardless of the tick box.
I want to be able to choose specifically the relevant rows with the tick box, and send their data only.

Can anyone help?


Cant you just filter the data using a function node and Array.filter() ?

I don't understand how that's going to help me.
I want a button because the client side needs to know he actually pressed on something and chose it, and I need to know that the data I get is what the client side actually meant.

So ...

  • enable "send data on click"
  • loop through the items (or filter them based on checkbox state) determining which rows have ticked items.

If you really want a button on the row, read up on tabulator which is the underbelly of ui_table.

I mentioned that I already read the docs and the messages here on this forum.
The data that gets back from the table doesn't include whether the checkbox was checked or not.
Also, the table is designated for other people, who are not developers, to use. That's why I need to produce a submit button, so they can check a row and submit it.
I'm obviously familiar with array methods, but that's not the correct answer to my question.

The table node will only ever send the data of the row you clicked with the send data on click function.

Why is it obvious? I dont assume anything, I do try to help though.

That would have been useful info up front.

You said 'When I choose "send data on click" in the table node, I get data from every row clicked, regardless of the tick box.' which lead me to believe data from every row meant you get data from every row - which is why I suggested filter.

No matter, you could explore adding clientside code to the dashboard that adds a button & iterates the tabulator object (if you can find a reference to it)

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I couldn't find any reference to it, that's why I'm asking for help here, in hope someone encountered this issue before and knows how to solve it.

I know, but I want it somehow to be managed by a submit button, because the people who are going to use it need to know somehow what exactly they sent, and this way doesn't give them any indication to that

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