Node-RED Virtual device instances


We are planning to simulate multiple devices to simulate load on mqtt broker. What would be the best approach ? We have came across " node-red-contrib-iot-virtual-device" node which help to generate multiple virtual device but not sure how ?

Thanks in advance

I think you could do that just with a flow, no need for a special node.

Just set up multiple MQTT connections. Though you don't really even need to do that, a single connection with an estimate of the number, frequency and complexity of the MQTT messages that your IoT network would send would be sufficient for most tests. Having a large number of simultaneous connections only really tests that.

You should also monitor Node-RED's memory and CPU usage though to make sure you haven't hit any bounds.

Unless you are running multiple instances of Node-RED then you are unlikely to overload/stress many brokers unless they are running on limited hardware. Node.js and thus Node-RED are single threaded so will only ever send one message at a time even if that is fairly fast.

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