Node-red vs Logic Machine


I have a project where I need to comunicate Node-red with Logic Machine (

  1. I need to send humidity values from node-red to logic machine.
  2. I need to send on/off orders from logic machine to node-red.

Which could be the better way?

Could anybody help me?

Thanks in advance!!

It says it can do MQTT so that might be the an easy way.

Thanks Colin! I'm reading some info about MQTT because I've never use it before (and I'm not a programmer). I have a question, to use MQTT must be a "broker" really (for example "Mosquitto"). Can I use MQTT without this thir part and send messages directly from node-red to the logic machine and viceversa? and the most important... how? :stuck_out_tongue:

You always need a broker, there’s a great intro to MQTT on the hivemq site

But the Mosquitto broker can usually be hosted on the same machine as Node-RED

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why go th elong way when you may install

npm install node-red-contrib-mqtt-broker

Or sudo apt-get install mosquitto (or similar dependent on OS).

@Colin s method is preferred as it then runs as a separate process so is then slightly more robust. Also the node version is not quite as fully featured as the apt version. Though for the purposes of learning either would do.

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Thanks everyone! it seems that I can use the node-red as a broker only fixing the server as localhost:

I tried the next flow and it works:

Now, i'm trying to read that value from an external device (Logic Machine) through a LUA script. If anybody could help me about this it would be great!

Thanks for all