Node-RED watch node, files edited / created at the same time

i'm using the watch node provided by Node-RED.

Schermata 2021-09-29 alle 12.27.43

Does this node support multiple events at the same time?

I need to "watch" a folder where 2 files are always updated at the same time. But i am always notified of the modification of only one of the 2 files and not both.

Is this normal node operation?


Welcome to the forum @hbedev.

What OS are you using? We cannot test it without knowing that. Also show us how you have configured the node please.

Also please feed the output into a debug node set to output Complete Message and show us what it says.

  • Windows 10
  • Node-RED v2.0.6

Node config
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Debugging of the second file is not detected.

I have run tests with this node (node-red-contrib-watchdirectory (node) - Node-RED), and here i get both reports, for both files.

Sorry, I don't use Windows so can't test this easily.

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