NODE.SEND use of multiple outputs

Is it possible to have node.send use an output other then 1? As example I find the following does nothing.

msg = {payload: "Hello World"};
node.send(null, msg);

Yes if you use an array

node.send([null, msg]);

The docs for the Function node are here: Writing Functions : Node-RED

Where it describes sending multiple messages by returning an array, can also be applied to using node.send() by passing it an array.

E1cid interesting. I thought that'd send 2 msgs on output 1. Thanks.

knolleary thank you. If anyone has some spare time in future (I know, who does?) my ask would be for a search capability on that site.

Thanks to you both for your help.

EDIT: BTW, is there a listing or doc of valid node commands anywhere?

Has that now been explained by looking at the docs?

Here you go multiple outputs

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Just so you know, if you edit a reply then people who have already read your original reply won't know you've asked a new question.

I provided a link to the docs in my reply. At the bottom of that page is the API reference for the Function node - Writing Functions : Node-RED

Ok. Thanks. I'm still learning and appreciate the help.

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