Node-status font colour problem

Hi folks.

The node-status is a handy thing and though the node which I am using in this case isn't a core node, the problem is related to the core part of node-red.

The font colour.
I get it that this is more an informative thing than an actual thing which should be used, but I seem to be stuck on a problem from the font colour.

I am using the simple-queue node and it queues messages for later inspection.
Below the node is the number of messages in the queue.

This number is sometimes obscured and therefore difficult to read.
See picture.

Screenshot from 2020-12-24 21-33-42

Yes, I get it: This shouldn't be used in the same way as the dashboard is used.
But they are used for debugging and that sort of stuff.
Alas it is then that this problem is annoying.

Yes: this problem is exasebated by my using a dark edit theme.
But I don't believe it is impossible to fix.
Either BLACK or WHITE font colour should fix it.

Given the font colour is specific to whatever theme you are using, you should probably provide this feedback to the author of that theme.

Yeah, I kind of get what you are saying.

But I thought (yes, I know: "you know what thought did.....") that the font colour would be resolved as !background colour sort of thing, and so would be done at the node-red level.

Rather than the colour used for node-status being grey, it would be the opposite of the background colour. That way giving high contrast to the stuff being shown.

I'm not a programmer - at your level - and I am not sure how diverse this change would be, but as it would be at the node-status part, that it could be implemented on that call.

(Not wanting to be argumentative. I am only asking and wanting to understand the inner workings a bit more at this point.)

The colour of the font used to display the node status text is determined by the theme. That's all there is to it.

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Ok. I had to ask as I didn't know.

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