Node to show the actual status

hello im using a unconnected outnode to display me the value of the last message. in newer version of node red this is not working. Debug node is puting it in a window somewhere else, i want it directly in the editor. how can i have this?
thank you

This is an option you set in the debug node. Open its properties and have a look/ have a try. It is quite self explanatory.

it shows only 32 signs, how can it be enlarged?

The node-red editor is not a dashboard & the node status is limited by design. As far as I know it is hard coded / cannot be changed.

You could ask for more characters to be displayed in the node status as a settings option / feature request (there is a feature request category in the forum)

You can add this to a function node to see the payload

node.status({fill:"blue", shape:"ring", text:(msg['payload'])});


I've not tried it (yet) but 'npm install node-red-contrib-display-property' seems like it might give you what you are looking for.



@paulkeates that node does exactly the same as a Function node that calls node.status(...) Or a Debug node configured to send it's output to its status.

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