NodeRed 3.0 Docker - Error writing context: Error: EACCES: permission denied

Hi All,
I upgrade to Node Red 3.0.
Had some problems withe the rfx-com module, but was able to fix that with a reinstall of the module,
Now every 30 seconds I have an error in my logs:

17 Jul 13:37:59 - [error] Error writing context: Error: EACCES: permission denied, open '/data/Persistent Context/global/global.json.1658057879990.tmp'

Permissions seem to be OK.

Docker run file I use:

sudo docker run --restart always -d \
                --name NodeRed \
                -p 1880:1880 \
                -v /docker/NodeRed:/data \
                -e TZ=Europe/Amsterdam \
                --device=/dev/ttyUSB0:/dev/ttyUSB0 \

Any suggestions how to solve this?

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Double check the premissions on the /docker/NodeRED directory, everything, including the directory it's self, should be owned by uid 1000 gid 1000

Thx hardillb
chown -R 1000:1000 solved it

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