NodeRed Admin API - Example how to use

Hi, are there any examples on how to invoke Node RED Admin API - how can one modify their flows on the fly with this API? Is this possible from command line and where are examples of this? If I export flows into JSON for example and then modify JSON directly, can updated JSON be used in NodeRED server to refresh existing flows with updated data? (such as node position, properties, etc)

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You've already asked this in your existing thread here: What is the published format for storing NodeRED graph to a file? - #8 by raid2light

The Admin API is a programming API. In this instance, it's an API that is called by properly formed HTTP Requests. So to invoke it from the command-line, you'd need to use something like curl or wget to make the requests.

In the following examples, I'm assuming you do not have adminAuth setup - so the end points are not secured. If you are using adminAuth to secure them, you'd have to follow the guide in the docs for getting authenticated: Authentication : Node-RED

To get the current flow configuration, you'd do a GET request to /flows:

curl http://localhost:1880/flows -s -o /tmp/flows.json 
# -s : silent mode
# -o /tmp/flows.json : write the flow config to the file /tmp/flows.json

With that done, you can edit the flows.json file however you want. Once you've made your changes, you can POST it back to /flows:

curl -XPOST -H "Content-Type: application/json" --data "@/tmp/flows.json" http://localhost:1880/flows
# -XPOST : make a POST request
# -H "..." : set the content-type header to application/json
# --data "@..." : use the contents of `/tmp/flows.json` as the body of the request

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