Nodered crashing

I have a flow that has been working every day for a year. works for 2 hours a day with receiving and sending data every 3 minutes.
about six months ago, it was handling 6000 shipments in 3 minutes, then it started crashing. I reduced the number of connections and started working with 4500. several months passed, and again the same problem, reduced to 3500, and a week ago I had to reduce to 3000.
this despite the fact that the flow did not change during this time. there are no additional installed nodes.
there are no errors in the log
tell me if it could mean that I have an error clearing the cache in the Google browser?
Has anyone had this problem? did you manage to solve it?

Do you have any logs or details about the crash? Without that, it's quite hard to suggest what could be happening here.

What sort of 'connections' are you using in your Node-RED flows? MQTT, HTTP, something else?

Any concrete details you can share would help us to help you.

there is an error in the container:

exit code 143
if you discover that a container stopped with exit code 143, if means the container shut down because it received and obeyed the Sigterm signal

l use http
that's all i have

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