NodeREd dash booard with OPENHAB2

Hello there,
I need to establish an interface in OPENHAB2 for humidity and temperature data logger.
I would like to work with NodeRed Dash Board for an easier method.
I wonder if we can install NodeRed Dash Board withOpenhab2.
Since we have found in a site web that NodeRed DAsh Board requires Raspbian.
I am looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible because we are beginners in this area and we do need the project.
Thanks in advance.

Node-RED can be installed on many different platforms - macOS, Windows and Linux are just some. The dashboard is part of Node-RED - you use NR to build the dashboard so you would have to send data from OPENHAB2 to NR (there even a node: node-red-contrib-openhab2)

Since you are a beginner, you should take small steps before you try to run.

Only then start playing with the connection to OpenHab2 and it will mke your life easier.