nodered is cut in time

hello, this is my first question on your forum. I am new to nodered. I installed nodered on a contener, to do my home assistant automation. The automations run for a few hours, then nothing works. I have to do deploy again for this to work again. Do you know why?

I hope I was precise about the exposure of my problem

Thanks to you all for your help.
(Sorry for my English, I use Google translate)

Do you need to use a container? It adds considerable complexity.

In general, the Node-RED log will normally tell you what is going wrong. You can also get more information into the log by changing settings.js

Thanks for your feedback. I use nodered in container, because home assistant is also installed in container and above all it is in core mode, so I can't access the add-ons if I'm not mistaken.

What I don't understand is why tt works very well and suddenly nothing works. I would say after 4 or 6 hours. As if it were going to sleep, Then clicking on deploy, waking it up from its day before.


Have you checked the log?

Hello, sorry to have taken so long to answer you. Hope you have a happy holiday. When I look at my nodered container log log, it just puts a zigbee2mqtt closure on me. I just need to re-move a node to click on deploy and it works again for a few hours. Thanks for your help.

Happy holidays to you as well.

Have you tried increasing the logging level for Node-RED? You change that in the settings.js file.

Does the node red editor also not work ?
Based on what you conclude that it is not working ?
Can you copy paste the log file ?
Have you checked its memory usage ?


I have a door opening detector, I made an automation saying that if the door opens and it is dark, turn on the light. Which allows me to know when it works or not. And generally it works for an evening and then nothing.
So I tell myself that it is not a concern linked to automation otherwise nothing would work. Is the communication cut between my Nodered docker and my Docker Home Assistant?
Thanks for your help, I've been looking for a solution for months.

Good luck to all

You don't appear to have answered most of the questions in the previous question.

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