Nodered Math Handle

Hello, I've been looking over math capability inside NodeRed but can't find a suitable option.
I need to perform a cumulative integral. Just want to know total energy generated during the day of PV panels.

Can' t find a way to do it.

I need to know past value to add to the actual value. When I try to place output to input it rejects.
I also check node-red-contrib-calc but there is no integral.

Have you had a look at node-red-contrib-watt2kwh (a shameless plug :laughing:)

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Nice, thank you! I will use it. For other purposes, is there a way to perform math operations that need past information?

Yes, you will need to save the earlier information in the node context. If you look at the docs about writing functions you will find lots of good stuff including how to save data in the node context so you can use it with a later message.

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