Nodered to sqlite to grafana help

Hello again,
Does anybody use the sqlite+grafana combo? (influxdb is too complicated for me).
My time series column is TEXT datatype with “YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS” (tried different formats, without the "T" too).
Yet when I set "datetimestamp" to be recognized as a time series column, the values disappear.
When I leave it like that, i can see the values in the query table but no chart is drawn in both cases.
I know it's not the most node-red-ish issue, help please.
I was doing the same thing with node-red > csv > smb > grafana (different linux pc) and it worked flawlessly. I assume I don't have the right knowledge about the perfect sql query syntax for my case.

As timeseries;

No timeseries;

Thank you kindly for any advice.

I don't have any experience with sqlite in combination with grafana so no ready to run solution from me :wink:
Have a look at this SQLite plugin for Grafana | Grafana Labs and then in particular the paragraph about Support for Time Formatted Columns
With the provided example you should get it working.

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Cheers mate, the "Z" was missing from the format's end.

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