Nodered very slow

Hello. I tried something with MQTT from one Pi3to Pi400 in both directions.
Some days after deploy the Pi 3 were slow. Today so slow I can´t do anything with Nodered. The rest of Pi works.
I have an old flow export. I tried to import the old flows, but I cam´t deploy. It takes 3 min and the result: Over time. Not possible to deploy.

I tried to type sudo node-red-stop and then sudo node-red-start --safe
But I think it doesn´t work. It runs normally and also very slow.

How can I run nodered in Stop mode to delete maybe caused flow?
Maybe there is a problemwith the WebSocket?

While start nodered the comand line write:
10 Jul 10:34:34 - [warn] Communication send error: Error: WebSocket is not open: readyState 3 (CLOSED)

Maybe it helps to find the reason

I would suspect you have managed o set up an mqtt loop where you are sending to a topic - that then gets sent back and then sent again etc... but stopping and starting (in safe mode) should stop it. - Worst case turn off one end - and then restart it not connected to the network (if possible) and then restart node-red in safe mode. - then sort out the flow, reconnect the network, and deploy.

You need to do node-red --safe

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If you are using Mosquitto then it can be configured to automatically sync specified topics across servers in a way that protects against loops.

Thanks colleagues, you are both right. Your command node-red --safe works, that was not the cause. So I try to uninstall NodeRed and reinstall it. I hope I can import my old Flows. The problem is, I had a encryption of Nodered. I know the key and I hope that I can import that again. We will see.
Main topic is: I can use Nodered :wink:

Also correct is I use Mosquitto. This Mosquitto works for my photovoltaik (PV) devices and also to implement the commands in NodeRed. My plan is: Raspberry 3 is responsible for PV and sends the MQTT commands to my Pi400 (ioBroker and Nodered). Then I have in both Pi´s all issues.

If you have experience for Mosquitto configuration, please give me some information how I can do this. Thanks

This is a good guide to bridging between mosquitto servers.

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