Nodes Credentials not retained after node-red is restarted (docker environment)


I've got a little project with node-red running under docker-compose.The node-red setup is installed following the instructions under I am using a node-red-contrib-mssql-plus node to run some Insert and Select Queries from a MSSQL-Server. Each time i start a new docker-compose build node red loads in my flow which is saved in a flows.json. What it doesn't load is the Login Credentials for the SQL Server. The Username and Password field in the MSSQL-CN configuration node are always empty. Another node that i use, the postgrestor node has the login credentials stored in the flows.json. Is there a way for me to have those credentials automatically loaded ? I can't seem to find a solution in the forum yet.

Thanks in advance.

You wont get help based on that topic. Only people familiar with MSSQL will even look at it (if you're lucky).

I would suggest the issue (as it often seems to be) is docker related (or to be more accurate, your use of docker).

I say that for 2 reasons, 1, docker (if its not absolutely needed) is (IMO) just a massive pain!, 2. this does not happen on normal node-red installations.

My suspicion is the secure credentials are not being persisted (or something else is not being persisted) in the docker env.

Renamed your thread for better chance of a docker expert seeing + helping out (or just dont run in docker!)

Thanks for the quick reply.

I know it's not a pure nodered topic but i thought it would make more sense to post it in the nodered forum than in the docker forums. In my case i think using docker is quite important because i also have a grafana dashboard and a postgres-database running at the same time. Also thank you for renaming the thread!


Are changes to the flow persisted? Have you done anything unusual to specify where the settings or flow file is? If it is not saving the credentials file to a docker volume mapped to the host file system then it will not be persisted.

Hello Colin,
thanks for your answer! I haven't implemented a bind mount yet, but that could be the solution. I am quite new to this topic, so getting ideas from experienced people helps a lot.

At the moment my Dockerfile looks like this:

FROM nodered/node-red:1.0.4

COPY node-red/flows.json /data/flows.json
COPY node-red/settings.js /data/settings.js

RUN npm install node-red-contrib-mssql-plus
RUN npm install node-red-contrib-postgrestor-next
RUN npm install node-red-contrib-watchdirectory

CMD ["npm", "start"]

You don't appear to have answered that. If you make changes to the flow in node-red and then restart the container do the changes stick?

I was trying to answer that with the dockerfile. When i want to restart the container i have to manually export the flows and then save them into the flows.json file which is then imported via the dockerfile.

Implementing a bind-mount and importing it via the dockerfile works for me! Thanks for the help :slightly_smiling_face:

For reference, credentials are stored in xxxxx_cred.json and your docker image didnt contain a COPY line for a cred json file.

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